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Online users

Do you want to know how many users there are in your web page?

With the miarroba.com online user service you will know how many users there are at any time in your web page. You will also have access to the stats of the most visited URLs and to the number of visitors present in each URL of your web page..

Online user service features

Counts the number of users logged to your web page, blog or board, using the browser IP.

Two types of online user meters: text mode and graphic mode.

In text mode, you may customize your message to adapt it to your needs.

In graphic mode, you may upload your own customized image, choose the figures to be shown, size, position, color alignment, etc.

Gallery with all the graphic meters used by other service users

The online users stats correspond to the last 15 minutes.

Saves the record of online users and the date when it took place.

Single stats for each URL visited.